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We are proud to support Australian businesses and farmers with over 99% of Eureka dog food recipes made from Australian-sourced ingredients. All our proteins are Australian sourced - from sustainably harvested Kangaroo, Wild Venison and Wild Boar to free-range Chicken and grass fed Lamb.

Each of our air dried dog food recipes are 100% certified carbon neutral through our partnership with NOCO2 - Australia's longest-running carbon certification scheme. All of our meat is sourced as sustainably as possible. Much of our protein is wild-caught Australian game that has been ethically harvested to preserve native habitats & agricultural land. Our lamb is grass-fed, our chicken is free-range and our fish oil is also obtained through wild-caught, sustainable fishing practices. We use solar-powered ovens to slowly air dry our dog food at a low 68 degrees, maximising the nutritional benefits of the high-grade ingredients included within the Eureka recipes & minimising the impact on the environment. Long story short, our sourcing and processing techniques mean that our carbon footprint is as small as it can be which is why we think our dog food is best for the planet and your dog!

Literally - caught in the wild! Our Kangaroo, Wild Venison & Wild Boar are all ethically harvested by accredited professionals on private property across NSW and VIC. Removing these invasive species is a critical part of native habitat conservation - using the meat to nourish our best mates also ensures that this high-quality, nutritious protein is not wasted. Grass-fed and wild-caught meats are shown to have less fat and are richer in nutrients than their grain-fed counterparts. They can also contain a higher Omega 3: Omega 6 ratio, which has many benefits for your dog's health.

Air-drying combines the best of cooked and raw approaches. Like raw meals & processing methods like "freeze-dried raw", air-drying preserves nutrients and tastes better than high-heat methods. Unlike raw, Eurekas' unique air-drying process involves a "kill step," which eliminates pathogens, removing any food safety risks and making your dog’s ongoing health a priority. We utilise solar oven technology to significantly reduce our energy consumption and impact on the environment. This process means Eureka dog food is dry enough to last for weeks after opening but has enough moisture to eat without any additional preparation. You'll notice that you feed a lot less on Eureka air dried dog food because there are zero fillers which means you'll also be picking up a lot less poo!

Yes! Eureka digestive care dog food is suitable for all life stages including large breed puppies who require specific amounts of Calcium and Phosphorous for healthy bone growth. The feed amounts will differ depending on the age, weight and activity levels of your dog. Growing puppies require higher levels of energy and protein so you will see that the feed amounts will be higher. Don't worry, we help to take the guesswork out of the feeding amounts with our feeding calculator found here. This tool allows you to enter the unique characteristics of your pet to determine the proper feeding amount, including weight and life stage.

Eureka has a soft, jerky-like texture. Due to the manufacturing process and type of product, the size of each piece can vary. We are constantly trying to improve the touch and feel, and would love to hear any of your feedback - just shoot us an email at hello@eurekapet.co!

All Eureka dog food recipes are complete and balanced and are formulated to meet the AAFCO Nutrient Requirements for All Life Stages. Not only do they meet your dog's daily nutritional requirements they actually exceed them, ensuring that your pet reaches peak condition and performance. If you have a pet with unique health issues, we always recommend that you consult your vet to ensure you select the best food for your best mate.

The best way to determine proper feeding guidelines for your pet is to use the feeding calculator in our onboarding process and in your dashboard once you create an account. This tool allows you to enter the unique characteristics of your pet to determine the proper feeding amount, including weight, activity levels and life stage. Note, every dog is different and you may have to refine the feed amounts depending on your dog's weight and performance once you start feeding Eureka.

Our digestive care focused recipes are much more nutritionally dense than traditional kibble. Each gram of Eureka contains more protein, essential nutrients and calories than many other dry foods, which means you might be putting a lot less into their bowl than you are used to. This is why we recommend creating a personalised feeding plan using our Build A Bowl tool to make sure your best mate eats exactly the right amount to thrive. When switching to Eureka we recommend a gradual transition period over f 5-7 days to avoid any stomach issues. This allows your pet's digestive system time to adjust to the high nutritional value of our recipes. Start by swapping 15% of your dogs diet across to Eureka, increasing this amount by 10-15% each day until you are feeding 100% Eureka by day 7 or 8. If you are planning to feed a portion of Eureka with their old diet then you will be able to transition quicker depending on the amount of Eureka you are planning to feed. It is normal for your dog to have soft stools for 1-2 weeks as the gut adjusts to a new, energy-dense diet.

Our feeding algorithm takes into account various factors about your dog including their age, weight, activity level and body condition score. You can find the recommended feeding amounts under “Feeding Calculator” in Your Dashboard.

Since Eureka is more nutritionally dense and more digestible than conventional dog food (kibble), you will find that you are feeding a lot less in volume than you may be used to. Kibble typically contains a lot of ingredients such as corn, grains and other starches that act as fillers. These can give your dog the feeling that they are full, and help to keep the cost of food down but offer zero nutritional benefits. As Eureka is incredibly delicious, contains zero fillers and is a very nutrient-dense food, you will find that your dog comes back sniffing for more AND you might feel that you are not feeding enough. During the transition period, we recommend dividing the daily serving amount into two or three feedings during this time. Our feeding algorithm prioritises digestive care and maintaining a lean body shape rather than over-feeding. If you notice your dog losing weight or acting hungry, try increasing the amounts in small increments. Repeat the process until your dog is satisfied. Along the way, feel free to reach out and we're happy to provide our guidance as well!

No problem! Simply head to Your Dashboard and edit your subscription settings. You can also use the Feeding Calculator tool in Your Dashboard to estimate different feeding amounts without actually changing your subscription.

We truly believe in our product! Like any good diet, the benefits of feeding Eureka air dried dog food can only truly be realised over time. This is why we have invested so much time and money in creating a subscription that can be attractive and accessible to as many dog lovers as possible. With free delivery Australia wide, built-in savings and 100% flexible terms so that you can pause, change or cancel at any time we truly believe our dog food subscription is the best for your pet and the planet. No hassles, no commitments, no worries!

Before opening, Eureka air dried dog food will stay fresh for 12 months. After opening, it will not spoil for at least 8 weeks so long as it is stored in a sealed container in a cool, dry place. We produce our air dried dog food in small batch runs which means that your food is fresh as possible when you receive it.

No! Eureka's digestive care dog food is complete and balanced for all life stages and all breeds. You will not need to add supplements to your pet’s diet unless specifically recommended by your veterinarian.

No. Eureka is a meat-first diet with over 90% of our recipes being real meat, bone and organs from high quality Australian sources. Dogs eat to obtain energy first and foremost which is why it is essential to have the right macronutrient profile. This includes providing quality animal proteins and fats and as few carbohydrates as possible which are used as fillers in other commercial foods. This is why we use a small number of ancient grains in our recipes such as Chia and Flax seeds which are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. All of our recipes are very low in carbohydrates (less than 4%), steering clear of higher glycemic index carbohydrates, such as potatoes, rice and corn, as these are tied to blood sugar spikes which increase the risk of diabetes in dogs. No nutritional standard – AAFCO, NRC, or FEDIAF includes carbohydrates as an essential nutrient. We also avoid legumes such as lentils, chickpeas and peas, which have been linked to a heart condition - canine dilated cardiomyopathy, in an emerging study by the FDA.

Delivery times vary based off your location - shipping can be as fast as 2 days in Metro areas but may take up to 7 business days for remote areas. You will receive tracking updates from the courier once an order has been dispatched and can touch base with them for updates. If you need your food soon or if you think an order has been delayed, just reach out to us via e-mail and we can try to get you your food faster.

Yes. We offer free delivery Australia wide including most of the far-out places! If you live in regional Australia, you will want to allow a few extra days for delivery in your subscription delivery schedule. Our delivery lead times are typically worked out on shipping to state metro areas with a couple of days' allowance for surrounding regional areas, however, some regional places can take up to another 5 days for deliveries to reach you. If you're finding that you are running low on food, it’s super easy to update your delivery schedule. Just go into your dashboard and select how often you want to get your deliveries sent to you. You can also pull your next order forward if you need an order shipped urgently.

Sometimes your dog just won't like a particular protein or recipe and that's not a problem. We can either replace the order with a different recipe or give you a refund so long as you notify us within 2 weeks of receiving the order. No return necessary, no hassles! Just email us and we will send out a replacement.

The short answer is - it depends! The cost per day for you to feed Eureka will vary significantly depending on your dog's weight, age, activity level and body condition. This is why we have designed the “Build a Bowl” process to customise a zero-commitment plan for your pooch that specifies exactly how much Eureka air dried dog food they will need each month and the cost per day to feed them. Don’t worry - you do not need to share your credit card or payment details with us before we tell you the details of your plan! Our nutrient-dense, high protein, digestive care dog food formulation also means that the portions of Eureka your dog needs will be significantly smaller than feeding kibble or other dried foods. This is why we strongly recommend using the Build A Bowl process where caloric density and consumption requirements have all been factored in. Long story short, don’t assume that the 2 kg of kibble they normally go through means they need 2kg of Eureka! If the above isn't enough to compel you to test out “Build a Bowl”, below is our standard pricing for a 1.8kg bag of each recipe. Please note the price per kg reduces up to 20% if your air dried dog food subscription requires multiple 1.8kg bags per month - that’s why it’s called subscribe & save!