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How to measure the right feeding amount?

Every dog is unique and the best way to determine proper feeding guidelines for your pet is to use the feeding calculator contained in the onboarding process. This tool allows you to enter in the unique characteristics of your pet including; weight, activity levels and life stage, to determine the proper feeding amount.

The recommended feed amount is also adjusted depending on the portion of feeding selected so no adjustment required from your side! The recommended feed amount is also saved in your dashboard for future reference once you have created an account. We advise that you start with this amount and adjust it gradually over time if and as required.

You may be surprised that the feeding amounts suggested are smaller than what you’ve been used to feeding your pet. This is because Eureka is very nutrient dense and so less is required to meet the nutritional requirements of your pet. Your pet will adjust to the feeding amounts during the transition period and we recommend that you resist the urge to overfeed if your pet appears to be sniffing around for more food.

As mentioned above, keep an eye on your pets weight and adjust if necessary.

All Eureka recipes are complete and balanced for all life stages as such it is not necessary to add any supplements to your pet’s diet unless specifically recommended by your veterinarian.

Eureka scoop

Our Eureka scoop (which is included in your first order) is a standard measuring cup size and holds approximately 100g of product, so 25gm = 1/4 cup. For small dogs (less than 5kg), we recommend you weigh the Eureka food on an accurate scale to minimise risk of under or over-feeding.