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We spent years looking for brands that not only delivered the best possible nutrition for our best mates but also had a tangible commitment to sustainability.

When we couldn’t find one, we decided to create it.

Eureka is our answer to the myriad of problems we see in the pet food world today – unclear ingredients, low protein, imported ingredients, dodgy fillers, unsustainable sourcing and large manufacturers taking shortcuts to maximise profits.

We combine the latest in nutritional science with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to bring you a complete & balanced digestive care air dried dog food that’s also light on the planet.

Our recipes are over 90% ethically sourced Australian meat, organ and bone – delivering a high protein, low carbohydrate, ancestral diet for your best mate. We have prioritised wild proteins and Australian-sourced superfoods for their health and sustainability benefits. By gently air-drying all our ingredients in a solar oven, we maximise nutritional value while keeping our impact on the planet light.

Plus – no fillers, no nonsense!

Just the right stuff to help your best mate and the planet thrive.

Real meat, bone and organs to power your pooch.

Many commercially available dog foods are less than 25% real meat! And you don’t even want to know what else is in there. Our digestive care focused recipes are made up of over 90% real muscle meat, bone and organs to give your best mate the diet they deserve.

Wild protein is sustainable protein.

We use wild proteins like venison, boar and kangaroo in our dog food recipes because they are naturally low-carbon, and assist in native habitat conservation.

Air dried to preserve the goodness.

Our solar ovens harness the power of the sun to gently air-dry our dog food recipes, preserving nutritional quality but also reducing our fossil fuel footprint.

Three carbon neutral recipes.

Each of our formulations is certified carbon neutral through NOCO2 - Australia's longest-running climate change certification program.

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