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What you can tell from your dogs poo & toileting habits

Although it might not be the type of activity that you like to spend time studying... your dogs poo can definitely provide some insights into your dogs health.

As a general guide, you are looking for consistency in both your dog’s poo and their toileting habits. For example, if your dog goes from pooping once a day to 3 times a day, or the “firmness” of their poo changes, these could be signs of an issue. Keep an eye on this and if it is ongoing then this should be investigated with your vet.

Some toileting signs to keep an eye on include the following; Straining to defecate, Dry or overly firm stools, Diarrhea or loose stools, Changes in stool volumes and different coloured stools. There can be numerous reasons for these types of issues. Check out this handy article to provide more information on what might be going on… What Your Dog’s Poo Can Tell You About Their Health

For those with a curious mind on what the ideal poo looks like… here’s a visual Poop consistency chart that will help you identify the health of your dogs “business”. The Grades 2 – 3 stools in the chart are what would be considered “ideal” or “normal” in most situations.

When you change your dogs diet it’s not unusual to see some changes in either your dogs poo and/or their toileting habits. This will largely depend on either the change in the food format & the types of ingredients contained within your dogs previous diet vs their new diet. Sometimes changing your dogs diet can cause an upset stomach for a few days , however this should settle down relatively quickly. Taking time to transition your dog onto a new food should occur over a 5 – 7 day period and this is especially important when adding a food such as Eureka which is an energy dense diet, high in both proteins and fats.

It is highly possible that you will find your dog producing less poo when being fed on Eureka. This is because Eureka doesn’t contain any of the cheap fillers typically found in most pet foods. This means that most of the Eureka food that your dog consumes will be absorbed and utilised by their body ensuring they are in peak physical condition.


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